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Fishing Forestry and Agriculture:  

The 2nd congressional district and Whatcom County is blessed with abundant
resources.  We must continue to preserve these in a sustainable manner.  
I would add to these tourism and retirement as supplemental considerations.
I pledge to you the services of the office where applicable.  

Fishing:  We have a fleet of commercial fishing boats, an established private
and sport fishing industry.  The stocks of salmon have dwindled and our
resident pod of killer whales has disappeared.  
I will support any effort to reinvigorate these industries and manage them in a
sustainable manner.

In fact I have spoken before the Whatcom County Council on the subject of
Urban Growth Areas (UGA) and made a request to uses the
State Fisheries Plan to restore the fisheries and a guide for UGA's.  I believe
that this can be accomplished and will prove a valuable benefit for all of
Whatcom's residents and property owners and their posterity.  I have
witnessed too many urban developments go bad because of uncontrolled land
developers.  I can cite massive fish kills in Galveston Bay after a summer
storm washes all the contamination off of the land.  This is the second most
studied watershed in the country after the Chesapeak Bay.  Another is Austin,
Texas; which I can remember as a small town that did not have any Christmas
celebrations because no one was home.  The University of Texas population
out numbered the residents.  And, most of the residents were State
employees; many of whom were only temporary residents when the legislature
was in session.  

The second case of real estate developers stepping in the wrong place
involved the historic Barton Springs.  This is the geologic crown jewel of the
state where water from a permanent deep aquifer comes to the surface at
unusually cold temperature of 57 degrees.  It flows into a natural limestone
basin that is the city's municipal swimming pool and a national attraction.   
Well, some not so bright planning commissioner issued a permit for a
developer to build an apartment complex upstream from Barton Springs.  Only
now it is perodically closed by the city's municipal health department due to
excessive fecal colerform contamination.  

Forestry:  Is an established industry that is working on its third growth of trees.
 I would support any effort to integrate planting to control erosion and
preserve water quality consistent with scientific principles.

I would propose investigation of integration with wildlife and recreation.  Can
we plant trees in a landscaped manner that will make them easier to harvest
when the time comes and lessen the impact on the resources.

Agriculture:  The important consideration here is property rights.  Beyond that
the issue of runoff is well know issue and the state and local resources know
how do control contamination through the use of buffers.