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    Department of Justice  

    The Department of Homeland Security was created following the attack of Sept 11,
    2001.  This is another example of the legislature having a knee-jerk reaction to "do
    something".  The explanation was that the cause of the vulnerability was the fact that
    the CIA was not sharing information with the FBI and visa versa.  
    The result is that we have another bureaucracy to administer multiple bureaucracies.  
    Accountability is diffused rather than focused.  
    Exactly opposite of the intentions.

    I will make the Patriot Act and this cabinet level department a high priority target for
    waste reduction in the next session.  I don't get any arguments about the waste and
    ineffectiveness of this department.  I will help to make certain that the FBI is quite
    capable of handling the responsibilities of domestic security.  It is my understanding
    that the cause of the lapses in the dissemination of information within the bureau were
    related to adverse political correctness at the upper administrative level.  We have all
    heard the stories about the field agents reporting on the "suspicious" activities of the
    terrorists prior to the attack.  And the fact that the "underware bomber made it clear
    that the inter-department communications have not improved.

    Further, I believe that the surveillance capabilities provided in the Patriot Act violates
    the 4th amendment provision "against unreasonable searches" .  It is vulnerable to
    abuse and needs to be corrected.  I believe that demonstrating probable cause is a
    reasonable request and will not be a hindrance to good police work.  

US Coast Guard - US Customs and Border Patrol

We are a free country and it is important the we operate under a consistent rule of law.  
The Federal Government has not adequately controlled the southern border for decades.  
The corrosive effect is the lack of respect for the rule of law.  Beyond that it demonstrates chronic bureaucratic
corruption at high levels in order to effect the lack of enforcement without authorization.  
This policy pre-dates the Patriot Act.  
I have traveled extensively in Mexico over an extended period of time and I believe that we need to strengthen
our resolve against what is recognized as a narco-state.  It is a direct wealth transfer and the violence will
increase it's reach across the border.

Drug Enforcement Administration

Similarly, there is a violent war along our souther border among the Drug  Lords for control of the smuggling
routes to the illegal markets in the United States.  In fact the control of Mexico and many Latin American
countries has been a serious question for a long time.  The war for control has spread to the government
officials and there have been documented targeted assignations of officials on both sides of the border.  This
network extends to every part of our country.  The size is reportedly equal to the Mexican oil industry and the
influence is concentrated in fewer hands yet the illegal drug industry "employs" more people.  
This war on drugs has been in effect for nearly 40 years and it is only getting worse.  This indicates to me
bureaucratic collaboration at very high levels on this side of the border.  At least some of the money that is
being collected is laundered and entering the banking system.   My point here is that there are bureaucratic
interests on this side of the border that benefit from the so called drug war and importation of illegal drugs
through Mexico.  Principally, cocaine, heroine and marijuana.

I propose to introduce and support legislation to decriminalize the possession of limited amounts of legitimate
pharmaceuticals and permit the prescription of maintenance amounts of these substances in a similar manner
as the British model.  Where the addicts have a medical prescription and receive a regular allotment.  Notably,
meth-amphetamine is not include because it has no legitimate use.  There are alternatives.

In conjunction with this policy I propose an extended national advertising campaign to discourage the use of
these addictive pharmaceuticals and as a matter of principle the advertising campaign should come first.  I
propose a similar advertising campaign as was waged to discourage smoking.  It takes time but it is proven as
an effective deterrent.  

The fact is that the prohibition of these pharmaceuticals has ruined the live of otherwise productive members of
our society.  Addicts are little different from alcoholics.  No one will argue in favor of the destructive effects of
alcoholism.  But, it must be acknowledged that they can be functional and productive members of society that
have a personal problem.  Understand that the advertising campaign is an integral part of this plan to deter
potential addicts and motivate current addicts to abstain.  

Human Rights

What is your stance on gay rights?

I once designed and built a renovation to a 100 year old limestone brick
building in downtown Austin, Texas.  

I was helping the son of one of my clients build a dance club.  He was a
graduate of Baylor Law School and had served as an aid to Senator Benson.  He
was gay and all of his other owners were gay (I think) .  He tried to operate the club as a
gay dance club but it was completely overwhelmed by the University of Texas
Student population from the opening night.

I support domestic partner rights as being equal in all respect under the law.
But, I do not support gay marriage as an institution.

I support don't ask; don't tell in the military.

There are strict laws about sexual conduct in the military universal code of
military justice and I see no reason to change.  The military has as its primary
mission to kill people and break things when military force is authorized by
congress.  I am still not convinced of the proper role of women in combat.
Gays have been in the military since recorded history.  But, it is not a sex
club and to permit overt gay behavior is an invitation for militant gays to
disrupt the command structure and I believe is a tactic used by the supporters
of the new world order to subvert and destroy our military.

Are you pro-choice or pro-life?

This is a very difficult decision and I believe one that distinguishes me from the other candidates.
I personally do no support abortion.  
There are natural laws and one of those laws is that when the chances of survival are low, the number of life
starts is high.  There are 2 lives to consider.  
No one wants to have an abortion rather they are put into extenuating circumstances.

I do not support federal funding of abortion.

I do not support 2nd and 3rd trimester abortions except under extreme life and death conditions.

However, I support a woman's right to choose in the first trimester.

I want to thank you again for your concern about the future of our country.  
If you believe as I do and you believe that the economy is the over-riding issue of our time and that all other
issues will default to the new world order that will likely include eugenics.  
We must rebuild a vibrant economy or all other issues will become irrelevant.  

Will you support my candidacy?
This is a struggle for our very way of life.  
If we fail here, the constitution will be only a historic document.  

The US congress in nearly irrelevant now through executive order and federal regulations.
Our way of life the holds the sovereignty of the individual as the supreme
authority of the land will come to an end.
It is this freedom described on a piece of paper 200 years ago that created the most powerful nation on the

Join with me to preserve the God given right of all men to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.