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The Whatcom County and state Republican Party has taken the bold
step to seek the elimination of the Department of Education as a
plank in the 2010 campaign platform.  

I whole heartedly concur but that does not address the problem.

It is clear that the government take over of the student loan program
will solidify the indoctrination process in perpetuity.
 Free market
principles based on performance should still apply.

"Let me be clear";   (are you getting tired of that phrase ?)
I support federal funding of education.  
But, I will not support federal funding of the elitist through grants and
scholarship programs that are fundamentally anti-American.  
Everyone realizes the importance of education but throwing money at
the intellectual elite institutions is counter productive.

I return to the founders formulating our system of government,

Jefferson put forward the principle that:

"You cannot be free without a broad principle of education”.

The Education problems that we face today are caused by the
progressive domination of our institutions of higher learning from the
top down by the "intellectual elite".   The indoctrination and
inculcation generations of American youth is part of a plan that was
written by a great German Philosopher during the
early 19th century
and during the time of the founders.

It is not surprising that this history is not included objectively in the
basic curriculum today.  This is a particularly important since we
have the prime example of this philosophy proven as a failure in
recent memory.  

Just ask any professor "What is McCarthyism?"
McCarthyism is the political action of making accusations of
disloyalty, subversion, or treason without proper regard for evidence.


They don't get it.  Or, they can't admit it because it exposes their
failed ideology.  The truth is that McCarthy was vindicated after the
collapse of the Soviet Union and soviet style socialism was proven
to be a failed ideology.  
I would like to take this opportunity to point out that Senator Joseph
McCarthy was eventually proven to be right.  And, this fact is also not
included in the current curriculum but "McCarthyism" remains.

see:  AIM Report
Joe McCarthy Vindicated

The intellectual elite ideologue can easily rationalize his way out of
that trap with distorted language and twisted logic.  
The lie is perpetuated today in these elite institutions, the so-called
news media and government officials.  

What is included are examples supporting "anti-Americanism" and

This philosophy covers more than the indoctrination of the youth.  
It is an economic principle that replaces individualism and capitalism
with submission to collectivism and socialism.  
There are some that
say that it is part of a global conspiracy.  I say that it doesn't matter
and it needs to be changed for the future of the country.  They know
that the earlier that the indoctrination takes place the stronger the
belief.  The principles are just wrong.  

a.        One hundred years ago a third-grade education was all that
was necessary to completely functional in society.  
Such a person could write a contract and balance a check book.  
A high school diploma was equivalent to master’s degree from a
liberal arts college today.  The graduates had a complete command
of the English language with an extensive vocabulary.  They had skill
with Latin and the romantic languages and a knowledge of world
This was taught concurrently with world history dating back to the
Greeks and the founding of democracy.  
Such an education was frequently accomplished by a single teacher
in a one room school house without government intervention.   
of our most revered founders were home schooled and self-taught.

b.        I would recommend that the executive branch establish a
curriculum along with suggested textbooks and supplemental reading
material.  The guiding principles of the founders should be used to
fully indoctrinate the students
and all who would become citizens in
the principles of our government, the rule of law and the critical
thinking that supports these principles.

Fundamental to this is Franklin's quote; "the basic belief that one
must be held accountable to a higher power".  

This curriculum should then be subject to constant national peer
review, revision and adoption by local school boards.

c.        There is much wasted potential that is apparent with
comparable students from china, India and many other smaller
This is the biggest tax burden for property owners.  
We frequently spend in excess of $10k per year per student.  
When I look at some of the product of these institutions;
I want my money back.  

Some inner city school districts are collapsing due to their
incompetence.  And, it may not be the fault of the teachers or the
local school boards.  
The administration has ceased funding of a very successful inner city
"charter" school in Washington, DC.  

Personal Example

There is a school system on the north side of Houston in a poverty
stricken neighborhood called "Acres Homes".  There are no sewers,
no street lights, and the streets are not safe even in the daylight.  
The police do not patrol there.  
A local high school principal took the initiative to strictly enforce
discipline in institute a policy of rote repetition as a method of
learning.  Everyone participated in saying aloud, in unison, the key
points of the curriculum as directed by the teachers.  
The achievement test scores universally went through the roof.  
The school gained national attention and was featured on "Night
Line".  They featured him walking the halls carrying a baseball bat
that had been reshaped into a paddle.  
The school district cut off all non-essential funding and issued a
statement that they did not agree with his "methods".  
I have heard nothing since.

Another Personal Example:

I worked with a piping designer in Ohio and developed a friendship
based on our brotherhood as comrades in armed service.  I was so
impressed with his general knowledge that I asked him about his

He replied that he did not go to school.  He was diagnosed as a
learning disabled child with ADHD and was confined to special
education classes until he was midway through his junior year in high
school.  When, it was determined that his disability was dyslexia.  

The school provided him with a lifetime unlimited library card to the
Library of Congress as compensation.  

And, the rest, as they say, is history.