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Environment:  EPA

I designed and built a machine for the purpose of removing Asbestos Containing Material from a floor
surface.  I had the opportunity to deal directly with senior officials at the EPA while exhibiting at a trade
show.  What I learned and what has been subsequently confirmed is that the standards of quality set are
frequently beyond the point of diminishing returns.

I see the agency used in a similar controlling manner in other areas of contamination where there is inaction
because the quality standard for clean-up is set "unreasonably" high.  The result is that nothing is done and
the contamination spreads.  

There is the issue of the Port of Bellingham waterfront redevelopment project and clean up of the Georgia
Pacific site.  I would like to see the salmon return in their historical numbers.  I have learned that mercury
contamination is not a problem with salmon because their life cycle is too short and they are an open ocean

I have appeared before the County Council to urge them to consult with the
State Fisheries department to
help establish a plan for UGA's that will enhance the return of the traditional salmon runs as a core principle.
 I believe the result is improved quality of life and property values for the entire county.  The state has a
study and recommendations in place and I am sure they would be available to help develop standards for

The nuclear waste disposal outside the district but still within the state and a topic that needs to be
addressed.  Containment and storage on site is a viable alternative but we have proven that it must be done
in a responsible manner.  

There are proven alternatives such as reprocessing and responsible storage.

This is fundamental to the expansion of nuclear power industry.  
(see Energy)


The ice core evidence shows a historical correspondence with CO2 levels and global warming.  

I acknowledge this as hard scientific evidence and cause for concern.  
The question is "what is the link?'

Meanwhile I see train loads of coal bound for China because their demand has exceeded their ability to
mine and transport the commodity to market.  

There can be no doubt that humans are contributing to the atmospheric percentage of the gas.  But, there is
a natural cycle in nature where plants use CO2 and contribute oxygen.  

Global deforestation and the health of our oceans are major parts of this equation and necessarily a part of
the solution.