I really don't know where to start and the list is long; the Federal Reserve, IRS,
    TARP, Fanny & Freddie, Glass Steagall, WTO, BIS Bank for International
    Settlements; FSB the Financial Stability Board;  etc...

    My usual method of problem solving is to analyze the causes look to that for the
    solution.  In this case the varibles are to many so I must go back to the
    fundamentals and reconstruct the system.

    Wealth is fundamentally defined as: that which satisfies human needs and wants of

    This  also satisfies the popular definition that "necessity" is the Mother of Invention.  
    This is the natural state of man that is identified in the Declaration of Independence
    as the inalienable right of Life Liberty and pursuit of happiness.   
    This principle is embedded throughout the constitution.

    We have been the center for wealth creation for the last 100 years and I believe
    that it is the result of this fundamental principle being extended from the individual
    to the states and further to the federal system.  
    e plurabus Unium.  Out of many, one.

    And now back to the problem and the solution.  I believe that both lie in the congress.  There has been
    a popular movement to audit the Fed.  I would go so far as to eliminate the fed.  The Treasury is
    certainly capable of printing paper currency.  But, my fear is that the bond market is now fouled with the
    bad paper generated by Fanny and Freddie.  The full extent of the problem has accumulated over a
    century of knee-jerk responses to problems and we have been led astray from our constitutional
    principles.  As I have stated on the Home page and the Economy page, I believe the problem is a
    serious struggle for the control and the future of the Republic.  The magnitude of the problem demands
    large scale solutions.  I cannot think of another candidate that I trust to analyze and present a solution
    to this problem.  My question is "do you trust me".  

    I plan to join the bi-partisian coalition that was united in opposition to the administration's Health Care
    plan and the Financial Reform bill.  I will use my logic, principles and the rule of law to analyze the
    problems and form a consensus that will restore the republic free the individual citizen to create wealth.