Housing and Urban Development?

    We cannot continue to print money to falsely support our economy.  
    The Chinese have lost interest in our bonds and interest rates can only go up from zero.  
    Fanny and Freddie are already an albatross around America's neck and we the people are
    the largest owner of real estate in the country and we are bankrupt and cannot continue to
    pay these mortgages.  

    We are the "full faith and credit of the United States Government" as the guarantor of fanny
    and Freddie.  The mega banks want to inflate the currency and drive up the value of these
    properties to balance their books and make Fanny and Freddie solvent.  I propose that we
    systematically start liquidation of these properties in a traditional manner.  

    I will support legislation to reorganize some of  these residential and commercial properties
    into a public housing co-operative that is operated as a self-supporting, private, non-profit
    entity.  I will sponsor legislation to convert Amery-corps into a Safety Net for homeless
    families and individuals.  We will utilize government property and provide the basic security,
    food and housing.  Individuals and intact families will "volunteer" and participate in the self-
    supporting entity as a non-profit engaged in commerce.  

    It will be a military style organization that will utilize the veterans to help form and administer
    the security and form an organizational and command structure under the oversight of the
    local sheriff's and other law enforcement departments as a fundamental per-requisite.  
    Everyone will have a role in fulfilling the food and shelter needs of the corps.  
    Those that cannot physically participate will be cared for.
    Beyond the initial needs of food and shelter; health care and education will be addressed
    from within.

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