Obamacare - Health Insurance Reform?
    This is a massive bureaucracy between you their doctor.

    a.       Reagan warned us back in 1961 that this was the tool of the statists to gain control
    of the people by offering free health care.  He has been ridiculed by Michael Moore in his
    movie Sicko.  If you are not concerned, you are not paying attention.  It is now apparent to
    all reasonable thinkers that we are on the verge of replacing the representative republic
    with a despotic regime.  This regime is willing to pay any price to gain control of the
    It has been said before that "if you think that health care is expensive now, just wait until it
    is free".   But, cost is not the issue.  

    b.       The bill is 2500+ pages of legal-ease that no-one can understand.  
    The administration has exposed its true agenda and Chicago tactics.  
    And, its not about health care.  It's about power and control.  So much for watching the
    negotiations on c-span.  It is taking months for our team of lawyers to analyze this bill and
    confirming my suspicions.  The bureaucracy by nature is inefficient and this subsequent
    organizational chart is very telling.  
    I will not waste my time and yours trying to analyze this bill but I will provide links to others
    in this space as I become aware of them.

    c.   I have opposed this legislation since its inception on the basis that it is economically
    unsound.  But, the corrupt process in which the legislation was passed by changing the
    House Rules and implementing the so-called "Slaughter Rule" to overcome significant
    opposition is unprecedented and is a constitutional violation of legislative process as
    established by Article 1; Section 7.  The house did not vote on the Senate Amended bill as
    required by the constitution and as a result, the law is currently being challenged in the
    Supreme Court.  As your representative; I will work with the bi-partisan coalition to de-fund,
    and repeal this legislation.  I believe that these policies of spending and taxation will
    destroy our country before it is fully implemented.  


Whats the problem with health Care ?

The physicians say that their problem is liability insurance and excessive litigation.  
I can easily understand how our jury system awards come about with an emotionally charged issue.  

I believe that there is a need to cap the amount legal liability carried by the industry.

It is a serious problem that requires immediate attention.   But, it should be noted from the beginning that there
will be no ideal solution.  Perhaps this could form the basis for general tort reform.

Many physicians do not accept new patients because they don't want to accept the risk.  I believe this extends
to all enterprising activities.

Perhaps we can compare the current system to the veterans administration system in our search for a solution.
When I was in the Military, they increased our life insurance from $10k to $15K.  It has since been increased 10
fold.  There is a life long commitment to make whole any service-connected disability and a life long
compensation for such a service-connected disability.  
It is a highly socialized system for a highly socialized organization.  

Another consideration is the question of illegal immigration.  It is not a problem here on the northern border.  
The Canadians are coming here to pay for health care because it is not readily available.  I find that most
Canadians are happy with their health care system.  I suppose it could be said that most healthy people are
happy with their health care system.

But, on the southern border the community hospitals have become over-whelmed with illegals to the point that
they are put on "drive-by" status.  Meaning that they cannot serve the population that were intended to serve,
even in an emergency.  Illegals come with life threatening illnesses and are put in intensive care for months
until they pass.  I cannot blame them for bringing their ailing relative to the hospital in a desperate attempt to
save or extend their life.  The cost is borne by the community and the country.  Yet they bring medical liability
litigation to the industry in disproportionate numbers.  There is ample evidence that they are educated and
encouraged on how to take advantage of the medical and legal resources in this country.  

We are a compassionate and generous culture.  
But, it is not compassion to deny care to our citizens who paid taxes for the service to be available.  And,
immigration would not be an issue if we could afford the cost and it did not compromise the safety of our
citizens.  I would propose stricter enforcement of the existing immigration laws and revising immigration law to
address our legitimate needs.  
(see the separate tab for my proposals)

These two items of liability insurance and immigration reform will have significant impact.  Enough so that I
would reserve judgement of the results before taking any further action.  

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