Re:  Immigration; Arizona law

    I asked GW Bush to enforce the law and protect the border back in 2002.
    He was actually campaigning for President on the Mexican side of the border while he was Governor of

    The Mexicans have been educated in recent years to believe that the southwestern United States is
    legitimately theirs and they are encouraged and facilitated to invade this country illegally.  
    They are provided with information and locations to receive welfare, medical care, legal aid and general
    support once they are here.  They do not seek to assimilate.  

    If fact they are hostile in general to gringos because they believe that we should leave their land.  

    The burden on the border area public hospitals is overwhelming.  
    The local tax-paying citizens are frequently denied emergency medical services because they are not
    This is not to mention the welfare assistance services and all other public services.  

    The criminal element is also disproportionate in the “illegal” population.  The federal prison population is
    now around 30% illegal.  

Their is also a disproportionate DUI violation rate and the associated “accident” rate that extracts a tragic human cost to our
citizens.  We can send them back but I would make work permit provisions for those who have an employment history.  
However, I do not support amnesty. That has been tried before and is proven to be a failed policy.

I am sure that you can appreciate that it is a difficult decision.

Now on the other side; there are some “illegal” aliens who have been here for decades as productive workers without any
problems.  I believe that it would be criminal to deny them entry into this country.

There is obviously political influence in high places to allow this situation to develop.  The Democrats want the votes and the
Republicans want the cheap labor.  Both are illegal.  

I would enforce the law as written and I am in support of Arizona enforcing federal law.

I support repeal of the 14th amendment’s birth right provision as a magnet to illegal aliens.  

This administration's response to use the courts to deny enforcement of existing federal law is a “teachable moment”.  We are
a nation of laws and I fear that the rule of law as defined by “we the people” is about to come to an end and be replaced by
an authoritarian regime.  The is a perfect demonstration of the intent of this current administration.  

I ask for your support in the primary election coming two weeks from Tuesday.  

I ask that you help spread the word.

Here is a recent news story about the Arizona Border that you may find interesting.
It only gets worse.


Here is a website with more than you would ever want to know about the border crossings
It is a literal parade:  complete with hidden video         


I have many stories that I can tell of contact with aliens legal and illegal.

I worked with a Mexican National in New Orleans.  He was a young engineer educated at the University of Nevada Reno.  He
had difficulty with English but he was a very talented structural engineer.  He was a pleasure to work with and always
considerate and helpful.    
He went to California to take the Exam for registration as a professional engineer because they offered the Seismic Exam.  
He wanted to return to Mexico and design buildings capable of sustaining those earthquakes.  

I also worked for another engineering company in Ohio that was owned by an American of Mexican origin.  

My point is that it is about legal immigration for those who can assimilate into and become productive members of our

The Drug War is another factor and is the cause for the violence.  
The gangs are fighting with each other over control of the smuggling routes across the border to the illegal markets in
America.  In fact the whole of the country is corrupted by the illegal drug trade into this country.

I propose to eliminate this attraction by decriminalizing the use of legitimate pharmaceuticals by addicts and distributing them
through the pharmacy's using the British model of rationing.  
See my chapter on criminal justice for further discussion on the subject.   
This will eliminate the illegal trade and the violence.                                 
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