Kristin Farr:

Please find my answers to your questionnaire attached and pasted below for your review.  I was
disappointed to learn that the responses and the results would not be published until after Washington's
primary election on August 17.  I am asking for assistance in reaching your members to let them know of my
candidacy and positions that are of direct concern to them, before the primary.  As you can see from some of
my responses, we share similar concern about Boeing's technical workers and the over riding issue about
the fate of the company and the country.  

I am speaking about the issue of 787 bonded wing prototype being built in China.  The issue of technology
transfer and quality control are the obvious concerns.  I understand that the contractor is CNOOC, a
company with which I have some experience.  I know that they do not respect intellectual property rights and
if there are any military applications to this technology it will probably be in service for them before the wing
is delivered to Boeing.  

I believe that we can work together for the benefit of country, company and it's employees.
Thank you for your concern about our country and your interest in my campaign.

Best Regards,

John Carmack
Candidate; US Representative
Washington; 2nd Congressional District

2010 Federal Candidates Questionnaire

1.   H-1B and L-1 visas: What is your position on the entry of foreign technical workers under the H-1B and L-
1 non-immigrant visa programs? Please explain whether you support/oppose S 887 (Durbin/Grassley) the H-
1B and L-1 Visa Reform Act of 2009.

OPPOSE and OPPOSE. This is wealth transfer at a base level. Ask; which few elite Americans
benefit ? America will fail if our economy fails and the American economy will succeed and
become the engine for progress around the world as soon as we return to the founders policies
of individual sovereignty that made us the world leader in innovation, production, productivity;
improving wages and working conditions for productive blue-and white-collar jobs.

2.  Offshore outsourcing: Aerospace involves government (NASA), private (Space X) and global (Boeing)
entities that do commercial, defense, and space related work. What do you see as the appropriate Federal
government policies for having a healthy U.S. Aerospace economy?

I support a vigorous NASA agenda including lunar and Mars permanent stations. Obviously, this
would include new vehicles and propulsion systems. We have an essential and permanent DoD
brain trust that can do fundamental research on civilian problems to enhance our economic
strength and security such as alternative energy, fusion power and hyper-sonic aircraft
development. Innovation is the core of our strength and the path to the future.


3.Trade: Where do you stand on the present and future trade agreements, and would you support requiring
our trade agreements to include enforceable worker rights and environmental standards similar to those in
the U.S.? Further, please explain whether you support/oppose HR 3012/S 2821 the Trade reform,
Accountability, Development, and Employment Act (TRADE Act).

I am an avid supporter of Free and Fair Trade. I can tell you that I believe that we are currently
tied to destructive trade agreements, particularly NAFTA, and I would support review of those
agreements. We are alone in our belief in the sovereignty of the individual and his right to the
benefits of his labor. And, we must stand firm and force the world to adopt our values rather than
submit to globalism.

4 Retirement –medical, pensions and social security: What would you do to ensure that companies continue
to provide and sustain their employees’retirement pensions, retiree medical benefits and social security?

I support privatizing retirement, SS and medical benefits in individual accounts that are
transferable at death with no inheritance tax. We have a proven example of extraordinary
success at the county government level in Texas. The companies should continue to provide and
sustain for the retiring workers but start a program to privatize the programs immediately. I have
documentation where the employees are making more in retirement that they made in their peak
earnings years.

5. Labor rights: Please explain whether you support/oppose HR 1409/S 560 the Employee Free Choice Act
of 2009 (EFCA) and the adoption of International Labor Organization (ILO) standards into U.S. Law. In
addition, please explain whether you support/oppose HR 4107 the National Right to Work Act.

I oppose HR 1409 on the principle of a secret ballot.

I support HR 4107 because I believe union membership should be voluntary.

Without our economic strength, all other issues pale to insignificance.

Jobs are dependent on free sovereign individuals to innovate.


6. Aerial Refueling Tanker: Earlier this summer Boeing and Airbus-EADS submitted proposals to deliver the
next generation of aerial refueling tanker aircraft to the U.S. Air Force. Where do you stand on applying the
recent WTO judgment against Airbus-EADS towards the tanker procurement decision process, and what will
you do to help ensure our armed forces receive the best plane for their missions?

As a pilot, veteran, an engineer and an American, I have many reasons to support and prefer
Boeing. There is no mention here of the current 787 bonded wing now being built in China.
Why? Does SPEEA support Chinese built prototype technology? I strongly oppose the
development of prototype manufacturing in China where quality control and technology transfer
are problems. Not to mention the trade disparity; unfair competition of slave labor and
government supported manufacturing.

From: Sheila Martinez <>
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Judith A" <>; Stan Sorscher <>
Sent: Fri, July 30, 2010 3:25:41 PM
Subject: 2010 Congressional Candidate Questionnaire

Dear 2010 Congressional Candidate,

Attached are a cover letter, one-page questionnaire and a previous candidate response page from a SPEEA
Spotlite.  Your original was sent July 28th via US Mail; however, we are also emailing this to ensure you
receive in a timely manner.

Please feel free to contact me or Legislative Director Kristin Farr if you have any questions.

--Sheila Martinez
Assistant to Legislative Director Kristin Farr
SPEEA, IFPTE Local 2001

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