State Department and Department of Defense

    We are engaged in two protracted "wars" in the middle east and our military is wearing thin,
    again.  I am a strong supporter of the "Peace thru Strength" strategy.       Unfortunately, our
    ability to maintain a credible military force is dependant on our economic strength.  Our
    economic strength is being depleted faster than...........  you make the analogy.  
    Or go see my discussion on the economy.  

    Firstly, I acknowledge that we are under threat from Islamic terrorists that have a training
    ground in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Yemen and other theocratic states of the world.   
    But, we should also acknowledge that there are many sleeper cells already here and many
    other autonomous one-man units waiting  for a sign from Ali.  Major Husain; anybody?  

    I support an immediate disengagement from Afghanistan and Iraq.  But, I think that our
    strategy should be to maintain an adequate strike force in theater and monitor what we can
    through all means available.  Iran is the kingpin in the region and I believe key to any
    possible solution.  Clearly, the leadership will not be deterred from their fascist goal of
    global Islamic domination.  I think that given time the general population may revolt.  Our
    current policy of wealth redistribution through the purchase of petroleum has had a
    disastrous effect on the producers in the region.  The Saudis face a possible revolution as
    well, but for different reasons.  Fortunately, I get to leave this sort of arm chair strategy to
    those much more capable and qualified.  My opinion is free and you should know it.

MEXICO is an important security risk and demands more immediate consideration;

 See:  Stratfor

I have put these two departments together because I believe that they should work in concert in a "peace thru
strength" strategy.  The military is the back-up for political negotiations and what the Chinese are so fond of
calling "hegonomy".   As I write this there is hegemonic testing going on in the South China Sea.  The news
black out has been complete as far as I can tell.  Yes, it is the economy and the Chinese economy is growing
and I think they are now the largest automobile producer on the planet.  It is difficult for us to put their
population in perspective and it will likely be so for a long time even with their one-child policy.  I think they are
generating some internal markets and will be less dependant on the US market in the future.  Besides, they
already have all or our money.  We have given them all of our most advanced military technology.  They can
take Taiwan whenever they fell confident enough.   There are many reasons why I am interested in the military
maneuvers underway in the South China Sea.  
China in on a path to world superpower supremacy status and I doubt that they will be benevolent.  

There you have it; the world according to Carmack.  Throw in some Russian gangsters, the Europe-socialists,
the Indian democracy, what's left of the African continent, Brazil, and he Latin American narco states and there
you have it.  The Globalists dream of empire.   Just that pesky United States has to fall and everything else is in
place.  They can even use the UN building for the administration.  

There is a massive train wreck coming after the Bush tax Cuts expire and the new Tax Increases kick in.  The
false economy of stimulus and cash for clunkers cannot be sustained.  Many individual home owners are
bankrupt and occupy their home by the graces of Fanny Mae and a government stimulus check.  They are
hopelessly in debt and only a wild inflation scenario would ever get them above water on their mortgage.  In
many cases the owners will never have sufficient income to support the mortgage.  Add to this a coming retail
and commercial real estate bust.  

We cannot continue to print money to falsely support our economy.  The Chinese have lost interest in our
bonds and interest rates can only go up from zero.  Fanny and Freddie are already an albatross around
America's neck and we the people are the largest owner of real estate in the country and we are bankrupt and
cannot continue to pay these mortgages.

We are the "full faith and credit of the United States Government" as the guarantor of fanny and Freddie.  I
propose that we reorganize these residential and commercial properties into a public housing co-operative that
is operated as a self-supporting
I will sponsor legislation to convert Ameri-Corps into a Safety Net for homeless families and individuals.  We will
utilize government property and provide the basic security, food and housing.  Individuals and intact families will
"volunteer" and participate in the self-supporting entity as a non-profit engaged in commerce.  

It will be a military style organization that will utilize the veterans to help form and administer the security and
form an organizational and command structure under the oversight of the local sheriff's department as a
fundamental pre-requisite.  
Everyone will have a role in fulfilling the food and shelter needs of the corps.  
Those that cannot physically participate will be cared for.
Beyond the initial needs of food and shelter; health care and education will be addressed from within.

The military is a highly socialized environment that is supported by; consists of and serves the sovereign
individuals of the United States of America.  
We have traditionally produced the most innovative weapons available and they serve us well by not being
necessary.  The video below is a video of the F35 being flown by a skilled test pilot who inadvertently
demonstrates the exceptional agility of this new aircraft.  
You may want to turn the sound off; it is not relevant.
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