Education: I have approximately 100 semester hours from the University of Houston;
    College of Mechanical Engineering and an experience background in structural /
    mechanical engineering. My application for PE registration was accepted and I have
    passed the NCEES EIT Fundamentals exam. I scored 67 on both the mechanical and
    civil P&P exams. I have completed asbestos and lead abatement training sponsored by
    Texas A&M Engineering Extension Service. I am a military veteran and licensed
    commercial pilot.

    Skills: I am proficient with Acad / 3D, MultiSteel, Bently AutoPlant, Navis Works,
    Mathcadd, Staad and the conventional MS Office products; Project, Excel and Word. I
    can produce 3D architectural and structural models for design, presentation and
    analysis. I can produce fabrication and construction drawings in accordance with ANSI
    standards. I am accomplished producing effective and efficient design solutions for
    structural and mechanical problems. This includes the construction of free-body
    diagrams, the mechanics of load analysis and calculating the allowable stress based on
    the strength of the materials to be considered and the applicable codes.

Experience: I have over 30 years experience as a structural / mechanical designer and engineer. I have
served in a wide variety of responsible positions, primarily related to design of offshore drilling systems. I
have design experience with all types of cranes and lifting devices, riser and pipe handling systems, mud
pumps, draw works, drilling rig structures, mooring and riser tensioning systems, chain jacks and mooring
winches. I have experience technical writing and documentation for certifying authorities such as AISC, API,

Relevant Offshore Drilling Design Engineering experience is highlighted on the attached experience

I am interested in employment where I can utilize my knowledge and abilities to make a contribution.


John Carmack

9/08-2/09 CH2MHill, Bellingham Wa.;        

I was a principle civil / structural designer on numerous refinery and peto-chem expansion and retro-fit
projects. I prepared 3D C/S models for internal multiple-discipline coordination, detail design specifications
and client review. Some were plant expansion projects and another was a retrofit / modification project that
required extensive modeling of existing equipment utilizing existing drawings, photographs and laser scan
images of the site. I prepared C/S detail construction drawings as required.

9/07-5/08 NANA-Colt, Anchorage Ak.

I was a principle civil / structural designer of pipeline gathering stations preparing 3D models and
construction drawing packages for the Oil Transfer Line replacement project. I used Bentley Autoplant /
Structural, Acad graphic software and Vision file management system. The project required the replacement
of an existing oil pipeline in a manner that minimized the shut-down time in an environmentally sensitive
location. I conducted client video conference and internal 3D model reviews using Navisworks. I coordinated
with the mechanical and electrical design and engineering teams as well as the project leader.

2/07-8/07 AMG Engineering, Dayton, Oh.         

I was a civil / structural designer of multiple ethanol process plants. I prepared 3D models using MultiSteel;
Bentley AutoPlant and Document Manager file management system. I prepared structural drawings using
various sections and plan views of the model. I used NFM3 and NavisWorks software for additional file
management and distribution of the 3D models for inter-discipline review.

11/06-1/07         Wink;                                         Baton Rouge, La.                

I was a structural designer on a petroleum refinery expansion project using Bentley AutoPlant and AutoCad
software. I designed and detailed concrete foundations for a large compressor and various mechanical and
electrical equipment. I produced layout for building pilings, detailing locations for the equipment in
accordance with the plant grid system.

12/05-9/06         Keystone Engineering,         New Orleans        

I was a structural engineer serving clients with near shore production platforms.
I provided structural engineering for repairs and renovations to fixed production platforms in the wake of
hurricane Katrina.
I used Autocad and Excel to prepare calculations and reports.
I designed load-out, ballast and tie downs requirements for inter-coastal and offshore barge transportation of
offshore production modules up to 600 ton.
I reviewed all customer regional offshore platform heliports for new design loads of heavier helicopters. I
performed a structural survey of 18 selected heliports for further customer evaluation. I designed renovations
to selected helidecks to sustain the loads in accordance with API and company criteria.
I designed anchor systems for refinery modular blast bunker buildings in accordance with the Coastal Design
Guide as part of the post-Katrina hurricane preparation.

5/05- 11/05          PICOR,                         Gray, Tn.

I was the structural engineer of large structural frames, supporting hoppers and weigh bins for coal handling
conveyors and precision railway and truck loading systems. I designed and supervised drafting of multiple
construction projects in Alabama, W Virginia, Wyoming and Australia. I used Staad 2004 and Acad 2000 for
structural analysis, reporting and distribution.

1/05 - 5/05          Citation Industries          Navasota, Tx.

I was a structural / mechanical engineer for a medium sized forge company as part of maintenance
engineering. I designed repairs of plant equipment as required using Acad and Excel. I designed heat treat
conveyors to transport forgings thru furnaces and water quenching baths. I prepared the mechanical
analysis to size the horsepower and component requirements for the conveyors.

6/04 - 1/05         Galveston Bay Pier Park Project

I designed a proposal for the conversion of the Galveston causeway bridge to a public access fishing pier
park in lieu of demolition and replacement. The proposal included the partial demolition of the central span
and the addition of pre-cast concrete beams below the existing roadway and supported by the existing
pilings. I prepared an ACAD 3D model slide presentation and posted it on a website for review. I developed a
business model with concessions and an RV park to be managed by the cities of Galveston and Texas City;
Texas DOT and Texas Parks & Wildlife department. I proposed a method for monitoring and maintaining the
structural integrity of the bridge.
I presented and promoted the plan to all entities involved and other public interest groups.

11/02 - 6/04          American Block          Houston, Tx

I designed and produced (2) 90kw, 5000 psi hydraulic power unit for a FPSO mooring system. I provided the
design, material & component specifications, drawings, procurement in accordance with ABS specifications. I
supervised and inspected fabrication as required. I produced drawings for the associated deck piping and
twelve jacking station platforms and served as technical liaison with the foreign shipyard (Hundai) for

12/01-10/02          Unidynamics              Conroe, Tx

I performed a structural and mechanical engineering design review of LSD naval vessel, self-deploying,
loading ramp and hull door designs in accordance with the vessel response data and ABS specifications. I
produced a load and stress analysis and acad layout based on existing fabrication drawings. I prepared a
report for design certification and recommended changes for structural and hydraulic items out of compliance.

6/01-12/01  Oil States Ind. ; SKAGIT SMATCO; Houston, Tx

I was a design engineer of offshore marine riser and pipe handling systems. This included stress analysis for
certification and formulating the operational procedures for customer approval.
I prepared and presented the application for ABS approval of a mooring system traction winch modification. I
changed the main traction drum from a casting to a fabricated unit. I designed a new drum and assisted
Ansys FEA of the model by providing the loads and constraints. I reviewed the load and stress analysis of all
power transmission components including deck mounts, gearboxes, chains, hubs, shafts and bearings.

4/98-5/01          Nabors Offshore    Houston, Tx

I designed a modification to a 300’ platform to support the drilling rig and crane loads imposed by a skid
mounted rig crane. The rig support base connection could not be located at the platform column center due
to space limitations. I modified the upper deck truss member so as not to exceed the original design stresses
imposed by environmental conditions with the additional induced bending moment. I prepared calculations,
drawings and material specifications for modification by rig personnel that considered the space limitations of
the existing equipment on the 30 year old platform.

I prepared a skidding procedure for a drilling and workover rig to be use on a large SPAR platform. I
calculated API overturning wind loads on 14 loads cases using Mathcadd. I calculated the CG to include
additional equipment and loads to be used during skidding operations (ie. BOP, top drive, and racked pipe in
the set-back area).

2/96-3/98          Hydralift US        Houston, Tx

I worked on multiple projects in various stages to prepare designs and supporting calculations using Acad
and MathCad for documentation and certification as follows:

SAGA  / FPSO This was a Turret Turning and Locking System used on a vessel designed to DNV
specification and built in Singapore. I provided the detail design calculations of the jacking cylinders for
design review and load analysis of the stopper blocks for stress analysis using Algore. I designed an
overhead trolley for moving the chain jacks to each of 12 jacking stations. I designed a lifting device tool for
installing the spring loaded wheels in the vessel to support the mooring turret.

I designed a lifting device to install the spring-loaded turret bearings in the vessel. These were rail car
wheels carrying radial and thrusts loads to the moored turret.

Louisiana Overseas - I designed a rail trolley conveyor system to transport riser sections from the racking
area to the drill floor in accordance with Lloyds.

Atwood Oceanics - I designed a 180 Ton BOP hydraulic bridge crane with a remote 440 vac remote power
unit and winches to ABS specifications. I prepared a load analysis and supervised FEA modeling of unit
using Algore. I prepared specifications for the winch and trolley system in compliance with ABS specifications.

Transocean - DNV MODU - Riser Tensioning system including 50’ stroke, 5000 psi air / oil hydraulic
cylinders. I designed the air over oil accumulator system to be mounted in the moon pool. I provided system
priorities, I produced sensor specifications and operating parameters for controller programming. I specified
and procured valves and actuators based on the system’s maximum movement and the critical flow rate. I
designed a back-up mechanical fluid float level indicator system to provide signal to the driller’s console to
be used to indicate the stroke condition and provide a method of determining if an oil leak developed.

11/94-2/96  Cameron Offshore Engineering        Houston, Tx

This project was a re-work and overhaul of the Placid production riser built in 1989 to be used on EnSearch
Garden Banks 388. I supervised the repair, overhaul, modification, assembly and testing of the upper riser
connector package.

I designed and supervised the assembly of a hydraulic control system for testing the sub sea upper riser
connector package. I designed and fabricated a 3,000 psi hydraulic control panel for function testing the 48
well connectors and the oil and gas export lines. I designed and built other non-structural components
including the bull's-eye level mounting bracket, pipe guide protectors, the false rotary and cover plates.

12/92-2/93          Lubrication Systems                Houston, TX

I designed and specified all components of a proprietary oil purifying device in accordance with the customer’
s concept. It was to be used on large stationary equipment such as power plants, ships, transformers, etc,,
The product was designed to high purify different types of oil of varying viscosity by means of bulk filtering;
Then heating and air or nitrogen stripping to remove moisture and contaminants. This process is the
expansion of the contaminants and water at the vapor pressure or less of the base oil. Water and other
contaminants were separated and removed as a vapor in an expansion chamber. I designed, specified and
purchased all components, valves and piping based on the customer’s required minimum flow rate and the
applicable ASME specifications.

7/92-12/92          BRECO CONTAINER          Pasadena, Tx     

I designed, specified all components and supervised fabrication of a 25 ton filter crusher to be used at the
Amoco Texas City refinery. This was a skid mounted that operated on a dedicated pad within the refinery. It
allowed bulk loading, filter crushing and containment of the extracted constituents for reprocessing.

I designed a rail mounted assembly line fixture for fabrication of 20’ inter-modal hazardous waste containers
in accordance with IRRC tolerances and customer specifications. The inter-modaI containers have cast
blocks for handling transport and stacking located precisely in each corner. I supervised installation and
performed all inspections and established an operating procedure.

4/92-6/92         VENTURE PROPERTIES                 Houston, TX        

I operated the asbestos mastic removal machine in a strip center covering approximately 11,000 sq. ft. with
good results. This was the first project performed without additional containment and all air monitoring data
was well within established limits.

2/91-3/92          SOUTHWEST ABATMENT           Almagordo, N.M.

The company was engaged in asbestos abatement contracting for the Army Corps of Engineers at Holliman
AFB, NM. I operated the asbestos mastic removal machine on three floors of a dormitory cleaning 18,000 sq.
ft. with good results. I provided briefing information and inspection tour for the base facilities engineer. I also
performed mastic removal services in schools, shopping centers and department stores for renovation and

12/91-1/92         BRECO CONTAINER                    Pasadena, TX

The company is engaged in manufacturing waste containers. I designed a 20’ container to be filled using
vacuum trucks and operated under a full vacuum.

3/91-11/91          TANGO ENGINEERS                 Houston, TX

I designed and built a machine to strip floor tile mastic containing asbestos in compliance with all federal
regulations. The mechanical process was conducted under a vacuum and water misted environment. I
designed the machine with over 2000 hardened concrete nail in a stainless steel drum to scrape the floor
and collect the debris in a HEPA filter vacuum container. The nails were held in controlled contact with the
floor by centrifugal force and a variable speed drive.

I continued product development of the asbestos floor tile mastic removal machine by contracting abatement
of 2 schools and a department store demolition in El Paso and a department store renovation in Fort Myers.
All air monitoring data demonstrates that there is no fiber release from the machine. I performed a
demonstration for the Texas Air Control Board with good results on wood and concrete. I was invited to
operate the machine in the Texas Capitol building.

2/91-2/91          Roberds Johnson;                         Galena Park, Tx        

I designed a 100 ton crane pedestal to service a R&B offshore drilling platform.
I produced a truss design configuration with integral with a quarters building stairwell. I performed a stress
analysis and specified materials based on the maximum overturning moment, maximum thrust and API, AISC

3/89-8/90          Cameron Offshore Engineering        Houston, Tx

I was a member of a five-man group charged with fulfilling a NASA contract to Morton Thiokol. The project
was to design and produce two different leak detection systems to be used to check the integrity of the solid
rocket booster seals used on the space shuttle. The primary system was based on ideal gas laws and used
pressure and temperature variables to determine the leak rate. The second type was based on flow meters. I
assembled the leak detection systems. I designed and prepared laboratory helium leak test apparatus,
calibration methods and test procedures using temperature and pressure sensors. I used a data acquisition
system to prepare the data for review and evaluation by others.

3/88-2/89         Chevron Pipeline                          Grandbury, Tx.  

I was a civil / structural engineer for a licensed installer of HDPE liners in industrial settling ponds for ground
water protection. I performed surveys for estimation and excavation.
I designed a 10 ton bridge crane installation in an existing commercial metal building. I supervised and
inspected the installation of the crane and building modifications. I function tested and load tested the crane
after installation.

11/87-1/88  Cameron Offshore Engineering          Houston, Tx

I designed and supervised the assembly of hydraulic control system of a 1,200 foot sub sea upper riser
connector package to be installed on a Placid Oil lease in the Gulf of Mexico. I designed, fabricated and
installed a 5,000 psi hydraulic manifold used to operate the mooring cable clamps, a 3,000 psi hydraulic
control panel for function testing the 50 well connectors and the oil and gas export lines. I designed and built
other structural components including the bull's-eye level mounting bracket, pipe guide protectors, the false
rotary and cover plates.

8/87-8/87          Testengeer-Houston                    Houston, TX

I conducted a field survey of the elevations in a Chevron Pipeline brine pit for excavation / backfill,
installation and anchoring a containment liner. This included removal of contaminated soil and design of a
channel and sump. I contracted and supervised excavation and backfill of the existing pit. I supervised the
installation and anchoring of a dual liner containment system and monitoring sump.

9/86-11/86          Roberds Johnson Ind.                Galena Park, Tx  

I designed a work over rig sub platform and adapted it to fit a four well production platform. The purpose of
which was to support an operating rig with two maximum loading conditions while allowing the operation of
the other three pumping units. I calculated section properties required and specified new platform beams to
support the operating rig and sub platform. I designed a cooling tower for the purpose of cooling drilling mud
in a tropical jungle environment.

3/84-1/85           Colorado Street Inv.                  Austin, Tx       

Commercial Building renovation. I performed an initial survey of the property at 404 Colorado and found a
circa 1911, 2-story, 40' x 60' limestone brick building supported on a wrought iron reinforced concrete floor
and basement. I planned the demolition and designed the renovation to utilize the existing structure in
accordance with the owner’s concept. I designed a 3-story welded steel building frame to fit within and
anchor to the existing walls and form a composite structure.
I designed a 2-story adjoining wood-frame addition anchored to the existing foundation. I prepared shop
fabrication and construction drawings with structural material specifications. I planned managed and
supervised the construction including demolition of the existing interior and roof, setting column foundations,
structural fabrication, erection, sub-contractors and tradesman build-out, utilities and logistical support.
A Certificate of Occupancy was issued after approval of as-built drawings.

9/83-11/83         EWCO                                Houston, Tx

I designed a portable hydraulic gantry crane for the purpose of deploying a submarine ROV from the deck of
a work-boat. The customer supplied the winch which controlled 1,500' of 2 1/2" diameter umbilical cable. I
also designed a unique an air bag braking and capture system. This allowed the operator to reeve the
vehicle in at full speed against the stop mechanism thus minimizing exposure rough seas when retrieving the

12/82-1/83          Southwest Sling, Inc.         Houston, TX

I prepared a stress analysis on two existing spreader bars. One was to be used to lift a 180 ton refining
package onto an offshore platform using a barge crane. I specified recommendations for changes to
eliminate induced bending moments.

9/82-11/82          Roberds-Johnson Ind        Galena Park, Tx.  

I performed a load and stress analysis on a 110K, 750 hp, mud-pump trailer and designed lifting pad eye
connections. This allowed dock-side loading of the trailer on a cargo ship without the use of a spreader bar.

4/82-6/82          SEDCO                                   Dallas, TX                                 

I designed a blow out preventer emergency recovery system. The purpose of the system was to connect to
the BOP, shut in to the well and recover the BOP in up to 5,000 feet of water. The system used hydraulic
pressure through the drill-stem to operate a hydraulic latching mechanism connecting the BOP to the well
casing. I provided the dimensional specifications of all components and technical interface with the supplier,
Manasco. I specified and purchased all materials, 304 stainless and was of such a large diameter and
quantity that it required a special mill order. I provided progress inspections and technical support during
manufacture. I also produced an operations manual for the system as it was deployed on semi-submersibles
and drill ships.

9/81-3/82          EWCO                                Houston, Tx.   

I designed mud-pump unitizations up to 1,000 hp. I specified all structural materials, suction and discharge
piping, valves as well as all power transmission components. This usually included a large centrifugal pump
supercharger designed to match the maximum flow rate of the main pump and the customer inlet pressure
conditions. I provided technical assistance for sales and service.

9/80-6/81          Republic Drilling                Houston Tx.  

This company was a medium sized drilling contractor operating ten to twelve trailerized rigs in the Great
Basin and Austin Chalk with capacities in the 10,000-foot range. I produced new design that proved to be the
largest rig of this type to date having a lift capacity of 750K or ~15,000 feet of 4 ½ “ drill pipe. The concept
required the four trailer sections including the mast, to pin together to form a three dimensional truss and a
stable base to support such equipment on soft soil without guys. I produced a design layout and stress
analysis of the trailer sections that included locating all of the drilling machinery and equipment.

I supervised fabrication and assembly of the rig at a location in Brady, Texas.

1/78-3/78          SEDCO                                 Dallas, Tx.         

The project was the modification of a new drill-ship, SEDCO 471, to install a sand/gravel drop pipe system to
enable the vessel to fill a sub sea pipeline trench in approximately 300 feet of water. The concept required
replacing the rotary table with a sump to collect the gravel from conveyors and funnel it into a telescoping
riser. I designed the sump with sufficient section properties to support a gimbaled, two-piece, 36”,
telescoping riser that could extend to a maximum of 300 feet. I also designed the riser and materials handling
equipment, slings and spreaders to install the system. I developed a procedure for installation and operation
using the existing drill floor hoists. I produced metric layout and fabrication drawings to be used in a foreign

7/77-12/77          Engineering Associates        Houston, Tx

The owner had acquired the rights to manufacture the Brewster mud pump product line along with an
inventory of parts and tooling. I supervised manufacture and testing of the first unit. This was a double-acting
duplex pump rated at 550 HP. I utilized the parts available and manufactured the balance using outside
shops. I specified all other materials and inspected machined parts and supervised the assembly.

I designed a test fixture and procedure to develop maximum design load on the machine crankshaft with an
available 100 HP motor. I established procedure for manufacturing subsequent pumps up to 750 HP.

2/75-6/77          Roberds-Johnson Ind.                Galena Park, Tx.

I designed a drill stem connection to a concrete beam allowing a drilling rig to be load tested up to 2M lbs.
I designed a repair for a 20' cast steel pyramid plate roll.

I designed a 40', 40,000 lb. rig trailer to house two generator sets with an integral 500 gallon fuel tank, B.O.
P. closing unit. There was also a maintenance area, storage for spare parts and lift up side panels for
ventilation. I prepared fabrication drawings, specified all materials, weld procedures and supervised
fabrication in at an outside facility.

I designed and specified a steam turbine exhaust duct including supports, turning vanes and expansion joints
in accordance with ASME specifications. I calculated the reactions at all the connections and supports based
on the full range operating conditions of mass flow rate of 300,000 lb/hr and full vacuum.   The cross section
was 10’ x 12’.

5/75-11/75  Engineering Associates                Houston, Tx.

I supervised the design and detail for the installation of drill floor equipment on a Reading & Bates offshore
platform. I also designed and detailed some peripheral non-structural components; rat hole, mouse hole, drip
pans, ducts, etc. I redesigned and detailed an existing mud pump frame to reduce the weight to less than
4,000 lbs. permitting airlift. I designed a modification to a 1,500 hp draw works winch to replace a jaw clutch
with a conventional multi disc air clutch. I supervised remanufacture of the unit.

7/74-8/74         Rolligon Corp..                       Houston, TX   

This manufacturing company produced specialized using large air bag tires (48" diameter x 94" wide). I
designed a motorized spool and stitcher that could pull the fabric onto the form and stitch the plies together
prior to molding. I also designed a cooling rack for holding the tires after removal from the mold.

4/73-6/74          American Aero                   Houston, Tx.  

I was a designer of offshore, pedestal-mounted hydraulic cranes. I was the project manager the Coast Guard
barge mounted buoy tender cranes. I performed essential design on all components including booms, gantry,
base, winch mounts and pedestals. I prepared calculations, drawings and specifications for manufacturing,
testing and service manuals.

7/71-3/73         TRW MISSION              Houston, TX

I was a R&D product designer of mud pump fluid-end expendable parts. I prepared prototype designs of
pistons, rods, liners, valves and seals. I produced the prototypes in house or through outside contractors. I
designed test programs to produce data for the objective evaluation and peer review of prototypes,
competitive products, patents and any design changes.
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